Club Rules

These rules are for our own club so that everyone is aware of what is required however we must observe the rules of the fishery we are attending.

All those fishing must carry a current rod licence.

Draw to be made within 1 hour of start time with no change of pegs unless agreed.

All matches to be whistle start and whistle finish.

Barbless hooks only with a miximum of size 10.

No bait of any kind to be put in before the start whistle.

Minimum of two keepnets are required, with at least one for carp and one for silvers and other fish.

Any fish deemed to be over 6lbs should be weighed, recorded and returned.

Any keepnet holding over 50lbs to be weighed, recorded and fish returned; alternatively extra nets can be used. If a venue limit is set, we will adhere to the venue limit.

No artificial fish finders to be used in matches with the exception of polarised sunglasses.

No floating baits; all hook baits set to be a minimum of 1 ft below the surface.

Maximum of 1 rod to be used at any one time.

15 minutes allowed to land a fish hooked on or before the final whistle

Anyone found breaking the rules will not be allowed to weigh in.

It was agreed at the 2023 AGM that match times would be :-

Sunday Club matches: Draw 9am, fish 10 am til 3 pm.

Midweek Socials: Generally fish 4pm til 8 pm in the summer with earlier starts at about 3pm in spring and autumn with the draw half hour before start.

Fees: Annual joining fee £15.  Match fee £13 with 50p of this going into the golden peg kitty.