Barby Banks
Barby, Daventry, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom


Date League Season Day Fishing Weather
26 July 2020 Sunday League 2020 Sunday 9am to 2pm Breezy


A quiet day with a small cry heard as Mark Exley saw his rod disappear into the water…


AnglerWeight caughtMatch pointsTotal PointsResult
Bruce Leggat3lb 12oz48Sixth
Jim Whitehead1lb 12oz39Seventh
Mark Exley4lb 12oz510Fifth
Paul Hale6lb 8oz66Fourth
Paul Hart1lb 0oz22Eighth
Roger GarrattThrew Back14Ninth
Steve Binder6lb 9oz710Third
Steve Whitehead Snr6lb 12oz811Second
Stuart Cole9lb 8oz99Winner
- - - - - - - -

The Line Up

Angler Attendance Totalpoint Total Weight
Bruce Leggat185lb 12oz
Jim Whitehead1921lb 4oz
Mark Exley11011lb 4oz
Paul Hale166lb 8oz
Paul Hart121lb 0oz
Roger Garratt140
Steve Binder1106lb 9oz
Steve Whitehead Snr1116lb 12oz
Stuart Cole199lb 8oz