Dennetts Daventry
London Road, Newnham, Daventry, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England, NN11 4PG, United Kingdom


Date Day Fishing
23 October 2022 Sunday 9am - 2pm


Our final match of the season – a bit earlier than typical but hopefully all can attend

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The Line Up

Angler Attendance plusPoints plusWeight Totalpoint Total Weight matchpointsfor
Anthony Gibbons000000
Bob Alden000000
Bruce Leggat000000
Drew Hall000000
Jim Whitehead000000
Marc Hume000000
Mark Exley000000
Paul Hale000000
Paul Hart000000
Roger Garratt000000
Steve Binder000000
Steve Whitehead Snr000000
Stuart Cole000000
Roger Hames 00000