Mill Pool Fishery, Barby
Barby, Daventry, Northamptonshire, East Midlands, England, United Kingdom


Date League Season Day Weather
25 June 2023 Sunday League - 23 2023 Sunday V warm / Breezy


A slow start bit it picked up later on. Their water was heavy with green algae creating tough conditions. Paul’s only decent fish was 1 minute before the whistle yet again.



Our second Sunday at the Mill Pools – promises to be good!

Draw @ 09:00

Whistle @ 10:00


AnglerWeight caughtMatch pointsTotal PointsResult
Anthony GibbonsDNF016
Bruce Leggat5lb 2oz331
Drew Hall16lb 0oz611
Jim Whitehead5lb 0oz223
Mark Exley7lb 0oz413
Paul Hale4lb 4oz116
Paul HartDNF00
Roger GarrattDNF010
Roger Hames9lb 0oz529
Steve Binder35lb 0oz820Second
Steve Whitehead Snr33lb 8oz735Third
Stuart Cole40lb 0oz943Winner
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